Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great Books, Great Friends and Love Baby!

Morning guys and dolls!  Hope you're having a great one!  As you may have noticed, the site is getting a new look.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's taken me long enough.  Been a little busy with writing, family, and trying to get things moving in the right direction. 2014 has been a crazy fun year already with bringing out the new Fantasy's Bar & Grill series, and having fun with three other books, Whore, 5 Nights and Strawberry Wine.  What can I say?  My muse has been kicking my butt and working me to the bone!

Two books are already released in the Fantasy's series with the third releasing at the end of April.  And then a huge surprise in May is coming along but I can't give a teaser right now.  If you want to find out more you can sign up for the blog tour:  Enticing Journey's is putting this one on and I'm leaving it with them to decide when information will be released.  I will say that if you're part of the tour you'll be the first to read about it.

I've been sharing tons of great new book releases with Enticing Journey over on the Tears of Crimson Site.  I hope you've been keeping up with that.  Like I said busy, busy, busy!  It's been an amazing journey with all the success lately, and after last year all I can say is that karma has been a great friend and what didn't break me made me determined to keep doing what I love!  Writing great books!  I definitely couldn't have done it without great friends like you and I just wanted to share the love baby!

All that nastiness is now in the past, and it was a huge learning experience.  The powers that be were looking out for me and made sure I didn't have time to wallow in self-pity.  These days I keep my writing one on one, and I've learned more about copyright law than I ever truly wanted to.  Live and learn baby, and grow as ya go!  Enough about all that stuff!  It's been a wonderful year and all I can say is I'm having the best time of my life meeting new friends and readers.  Who'd have thought a girl from nowhere Alabama could have a book making the top #100 in the United States?    And yes I'm gloating a little that this book made it even higher on the charts than the one that was ripped away!  Never said I was perfect.

Of course there have been some pitfalls, but those happen.  I really wanted to step back into the paranormal for a bit and debuted Call of Souls last year.  Unfortunately that just wasn't meant to be.  It's always been my goal to give readers what they wanted, and you guys have proven that when it comes to my writing you want spicy romance.  The ideas for these books flow like fine wine from my muse, so obviously that's what he wants me to write as well.  No complaints here, I've got tons of sexy story ideas filling my brain.  I may be Betty Crocker in real life, but my mind has a darker side that loves slipping into those sexy late night scenarios.

A little unknown fact about me that might tickle your funny bone.  In my "real life" I can't speak about the things I write without blushing.  Maybe that's what writing is all about.  Touching those secret places that you hide behind your good girl facade.  My husband is still trying to get me to write a football comedy, but I think I'll leave that request to someone who actually enjoys sports!  I live in Alabama and one of our big things is to have cookouts every weekend.  My husbands friends are over at least twice a month and you'd die if you heard some of these conversations about my work.  It's the running punch line lately that his wife writes porn. Obviously they don't read my work!

I really just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for continuing to stand by me after all that mess last year.  I know who my real friends and fans are and I will never forget the dedication you've shown by refusing to believe the lies that were being spread.  As my mom said, the proof is in the pudding, and after five new releases in contemporary romance, I think even the naysayers are now wondering if they didn't get it wrong.  I personally know who I am and I think actions in life speak pretty darn loud.  So that's all for this week!  You folks have a beautiful kick off to spring!  As always I love hearing from you!

Love Always,